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We Make Downsizing Moving Easy and Comfortable

Moving into a condo is different than moving into a house. You will face certain challenges because of downsizing. Minute Men Moving & Storage is experienced when it comes to creative solutions for packing. Here are six tips from Minute Men Moving & Storage that can make your downsizing move easy.


Organize and Label: Whether you’re moving into a house or condo, the first thing you’ll need is your belongings. You need to take the time to sort out your belongings in a box and label them so that you can unpack easily. Be systematic in your approach. You can pack your belongings room wise. Doing so will help you put the items easily back to their place in the new house.


Declutter While You Pack: Downsizing to a condo means there are less chances that all of your belongings will fit. Use this opportunity to get rid of unwanted items. There might be things you won’t need anymore. Donate those items. You will feel less burdened when you reach your new home.


Take Measurements Ahead of Time: Moving to a condo also means you’ll need to take measurements of the house so that you keep your existing furniture. You might have some large furniture pieces so the best thing is to take the measurements beforehand. 


Secure Storage, If Necessary: We all have some belongings that are precious to us. They might be large or small but they don’t fit in the new house. You can put them in a temporary or long-term storage and decide later what to do with them in the future.


Take Help From a Professional Mover: Moving to a new place is hard enough, and trying to do a downsizing move all by yourself can be very stressful and time consuming. The best way to make your move easy is by hiring a professional mover. They can help the process go much more smoothly. 


Minute Men Moving & Storage is a reliable moving company that doesn’t provide a one-size-fits-all approach. We plan ahead and provide a strategy suited to your situation. We provide all the materials and equipment to get the job done right the first time.


For any questions or a free estimate, feel free to get in touch with us.

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